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M’lady! I hope your mama and pup get well soon and your ceremony is awesome. c: I’m sorry to hear things have been awful, but you’re a strong warrior queen. Congrats on your hard work and keep your chin up!

Hopfully : ) Oho, I’ll have to remember that. I’m a strong warrior queen ᕙ()ᕗ, heheh. Thank you, Crystal :3


himitsuhitori replied to your post: Read More →

You sound like you need cookies. Pick two flavors or offer a suggestion and I’ll try to make them. Then I’m going to overnight them to you at the beginning of next week. itnk.qwerqshoppe.com/ta…

Did you just say you’ll overnight me cookies?! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. That’s so incredibly sweet of you. Nearly drooled on my keyboard just looking at the pictures of them, oh my gosh. Can I really pick two…? (◕△◕)

Yes, you can really pick two. I’ll make them on Sunday or Monday night and get them to you ASAP!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much . Excuse me while I try to contain my excitement and make a major decision! My stomach started growling while looking at the pictures, good gracious. Gosh. Okay, I’m gonna message you about it now!


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