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13) Oh goodness, that scene. Zangetsu.

14) I love how Orihime took those guys out and Uryu takes note not to get in a fight with her.

15) I completely agree, his outfit was lame. His newer one there looks a lot better.

16) That is something like what Ichigo would say. And you’re right, he’d be more likely to act than to say it.

17) Love Renji’s bankai too. I love seeing the character’s bankai animated too.

18) “‘nough said.” Agreed!

For Volume 13: image

I was stumped with what scene to pick. The whole battle between Kenpachi and Ichigo is one of my favorites. Then the whole scene with Ichigo with Zangetsu and his hollow self. Not to mention at the end when Byakuya shows up. Aad;klfa;sa, how am I to pick just one?! I ended up going with this moment, because I love the way it’s drawn and what soon follows, with Zangetsu lending his power. When he’s standing with Ichigo and places his hands on the hilt with him. Oh, also the scene where Zaraki tries asking his Zanpakuto it’s name, I can’t wait for him to interact with his! I’m so pumped up writing about this! It’s been too long.

Volume 14: image

This volume was even harder than the last for me to pick a scene from. I ended up with this moment, because I love Byakuya’s shikai release. I like the name of it too. Also, the scene on the bridge where Ichigo shows up and says he’s going to beat Byakuya and says he can see him when he flash steps. Shunpo was one of the coolest things in this arc. It still is, but not to extent it was then with it’s mystery. Then Yourichi is a Shunpo master, that’s crazy awesome. Their game of tag, loved that. One of the things that I love about the anime is that it puts these action sequences in action. Getting to see the movement makes it that much better. A flash step looks neat on pages, but even better in animation. And when Renji talks with Zabimaru! I love that. Oh, and Uryu at the end! Geez, I basically mentioned the whole volume.

For Volume 15: image

Aside from Ichigo’s Bankai training with Zangetsu, I liked that Urahara was a previous captain. It was a nice reveal to have. I also like the flashbacks at the end of the volume where some of the characters are at the Soul Reaper Academy.

For Volume 16: image

Zabimaru looks so badass in this panel! I like how everyone is getting ready for all they’re battles to come. It’s so exciting! I’m getting just as excited as when I first read this.

For Volume 17: image


Aside from the introduction of multiple characters Bankai (Byakuya’s is one of my favorites, especially animated. It’s so beautiful, but deadly), I really like this scene. The respect.

For Volume 18: image

This scene. When favorite scenes were first brought up, this one immediately came to my mind. Overall this volume is one of my top favorites so there are so many other scenes that I like, but this one still stand out from the moment they each release they’re shikai.

Goodness, that took a while. I ended up rereading through volume 18 again too. So good to be back to these! Alright, now for the current chapters. So much is happening! First of all, Isshin! I didn’t think I could like him any more than I already did, but now…good gracious. And how you pointed out that Masaki is similar to Orihime, yes! Just yes! It’s a good thing I’m only typing this and can collect myself. And Isshin just willing to become human without a second thought. Why is it so good right now?! Oh, that color page with Isshin, Masaki, and Ryuken was really nice. There’s so much more I wanna say, but I’m so tired and excited at the same time. What are some of your thoughts on the last few chapters?

You saw Jurassic Park in 3D? I’d love to see it in 3D. It’s one of those movies that I watch every time it comes on. Oh, you saw it at Movie Tavern. There isn’t one around here. It’s sounds really neat though.

Finally finished! I really ought to start these in the morning or early afternoon instead of at night, haha. So tired, but thouroughly enjoyed writing all this. Looking forward to the next post (n_n).

(I’m so sorry. I fell asleep last night before posting this OTL.)


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