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Yes! When Ikkaku had hair… I remember that… hilarious! And Isshin as an alarm clock! That takes me back. Also, Isshin had the worst taste in shirts! But I was a giggly mess when he made his first appearance in his shinigami uniform with his captain’s haori over the one shoulder! Awesome! 

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That was a funny one. Ichigo was laughing so hard. I miss Isshin as an alarm clock. Good times, good times. Yeah, he did have some bad shirts going on. Oh, I was all kinds of excited when he showed up in his uniform! Then I noticed the captain’s haori on his shoulder and got even more excited. That right there, one of my favorite moments.

Throw more things out there! They’re really good thoughts. Now after the last chapter, maybe it was the bite? Isn’t she a brave one. Oh, something I’ve noticed throughout this series…Kubo loves to cut limbs off.

Oh yeah, I’ve always felt like there was more to the strain than Ryoken’s father. Just have to wait and see.

Oh, that’s a good way to go through them. Even picking one scene per volume is difficult though. I have many favorites as well.

Orihime’s dayream, haha. I remember reading and stopping, wondering where that came from, but I knew I’d like her and I still do!

Urahara was my first favorite character. I liked Ichigo from the beginning, but Urahara was so different with this mysterious thing going on. I very much prefer him with the hat. The way his eyes are drawn beneath it, love it. From the moment he first peeked up from under his hat.

It’s always interesting when you read/watch back through something and find extra things that you didn’t notice the first time or foreshadowing that wasn’t apparent the first go round.  For me being able to reread or watch something and get more out if it a second time is one of the best things.

Orihime has so much heart and inner strength.

Did you skip volume four?

That scene from volume six, one of the main reasons Ichigo is one of my favorites!

Alright, my turn. I had to flip back through and keep myself from reading them over. It was tough.

For Volume 1, image

The way that she just jumped in like that and embraced him. She really does just have so much heart. Also, in the latest chapter Masaki letting that hollow bite her, reminded me of this scene! I was stuck between that scene and when Ichigo asks the hollow if he knows why older brothers are born first.

For Volume 2,image

It’s one of those things that I’d like to be expanded upon. I know there’s Hellverse, but I would like to hear more about it. It was such a sudden thing for those gets to appear that way. Here we were getting more info about how the reaping of the souls works. First you had souls that go to Soul Society, like Orihime’s brother. Then you had souls like that hollow that are sent to Hell. My other favorite was when Urahara appeared, but you already showed that one (^-^).

For Volume 3, image

Knowing the reason why he hasn’t smiled. It’s such a painful thing for him. I feel for him. This whole volume has so much to it. Flashbacks and getting to know Ichigo better.

for Volume 4, image

I love silhouettes. And in this one the way the glasses show up
For Volume 5,


I love that her hair is symbolic of their friendship.

For Volume 6, aside from loving the cover…image

you could tell it was about to get seriously good. Better than it had been of course. But I had no idea how good.

Wow, this took me a while to do. I ended up rereading those volumes too… I couldn’t resist. Tried not to, but it didn’t work out, haha.

This is getting really long again, haha.

Oh, I caught Acme’s release. I’m really liking Hideyoshico, I’m glad they’ve done some of her titles. They are another one of my favorite scanlation groups. They usually have a steady release. Echochi isn’t as steady, so I miss it every now and then.


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