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Oh yeah, hiatus… Seems like it turned more into a semi-hiatus, if it’s still any kind of hiatus. I love seeing your blog in my dash so I don’t mind. Is your Bleach catch up going well?

Going well? Ha! I caught up on a year’s + worth of Bleach in two days. Then a new chapter was released that Thursday, but the following Thursday (just past) it was off for the week and now I am back to how I was over a year ago… just waiting for my next fix. The music is playing in my car, I talk about it all day at work with the guy I’m training. Actually, it’s his fault I’m back to being obsessed. He saw a parade of the Arrancar on my work desktop wallpaper and it was all downhill from there. The only thing I haven’t done is start watching the series from the beginning again like I used to. I can count on one hand the number of things I’ve been obsessed with and bleach occupies two fingers.

One of the biggest differences is that a year ago, Bleach was almost completely off limits to any desire I had to ship (BL-style). I only shipped Kyouraku & Ukitake and Ikkaku & Yumichika. Now… it’s a whole other ballgame. With that caution tape thrown to the side, my obsession may even be worse this time around, but I’m going to take it like a woman and see it through.

Way to catch up! How did you ever get so behind?! The most I ever got behind was a few months during the Fulbring Arc because it wasn’t my favorite, but by some chance when I decided to catch up it was right towards the end of it. Knocked it out in a couple of hours, only to find out a few weeks later that Bleach was in its final arc, that news hit me hard. It’s the second manga I’ve ever read and the first that I bought, so it has a special place for me. You’re not alone with the obsession. You’re lucky you have someone to talk to about it, none of my friends are into it. The few that know about it, never stayed with it. They don’t even know what an Arrancar is… They’re missing out. The music playing in your car? Nice. I’ve had too many playlists of it. I keep up with the anime, dub and sub. I’m ready for a new dubbed episode tonight! I’m hoping this final arc gets animated, it’s so badass.

I’m the same with the shipping, same two ships (Kyouraku & Ukitake and Ikkaku & Yumichika). I had other ships just not any other BL ships, but in the past year or two, I’ve had more than those two…

Oh who are your favorite characters?

This has gotten me all kinds of excited, so I’m probably jumping around a bit. How are you liking the current arc?

I got behind because I was really obsessed and I couldn’t get anything else done. I would continuously re-read/watch the series from the beginning. It was crazy. I would stay up late and read all night and there were two or three occasionas where I called out to finish something I already ready a few times. I was even reading it at work. I may browse a bit, tumbl a bit, but I’m a serious worker and I like my job, so that was just too much. So I stopped just before the end of the Fullbring arc with the manga and the Zanpakutou arc with the anime. I started weening myself off the anime first.

Coming back to find that it was in its final arc made me feel a bit like Wabisuke from Summer Wars (if you haven’t watched it, you should). Returning to the family just before the head falls into eternal slumber. I felt really bad for being away for so long. I’m lucky now, because before this guy came there wasn’t really anyone. But now I have YOU! (I do, right? … maybe that’s creepy…) 

Even when I wasn’t watching/reading I would still listen to the music, but now it’s non-stop. 

The guy that pulled me back in said that they’ve stopped production on the anime. I have to look further into it, but I will not forgive them if they don’t see this through to the end. I will cry for days. I can’t even fathom the kind of hurt that’s going to cause.

YaY! Even before, waaaaaay before I was mired in BL the way I am now I shipped 8/12 and 11.3/11.5. 


  • Ichigo, he’s like my little brother, I just love him to pieces. 
  • Aizen – It was love at first site. And while a part of me was heartbroken when he pushed his hair back, another part of me was so happy because I love twisted characters like that.
  • Ikkaku & Yumichika –  I don’t even know the words. Individually and as a team, they’re just too good to be true.
  • Kyouraku – Too laid back, he’s just too cool for me. Also, his shikai command is really cool, reminds me of a line from an epic poem or a rap.
  • Orihime – She’s so funny, but I love her because she’s strong and she was one of the first of the main characters that Kubo allowed to express any kind of romantic feelings that weren’t attached to a gag.
  • Isshin – Because I knew that there was more to him from the beginning and NOW we’re finally getting into it!
  • Noba (Mod soul from the Bount arc) – He had the best power/skill of any of them and he was quiet and analytic.
  • Urahara – Seriously. I love characters like him that seem insincere and foppish, but are wickedly dangerous and incredibly intelligent.
  • Shinji – He’s just so cool! He’s another character whose personality can sometimes belie their strengths. I like the entire Vizard crew, really.
  • Gin – Too awesome and so sly.
  • Amagai Shusuke – Visually, I just love, love him and thought that it was hilarious that he, as big as he was, couldn’t handle sake. Too cute. I wish he was actually part of the main story.
  • Renji – I love that he and Ichigo became friends and that everyone knows how close they are. He keeps getting his but kicked but he always fights back.
  • Kenpachi – I love that he only wants to fight.
  • Rangiku – I love that she’s strong and feminine

The final arc is really making up for making me feel bad about this being the end. Masaki, Ichigo’s mother, she reminds me of Orihime. The fight between the Kenpachis was revealing and thrilling. People dying… it’s just so much. Actually, I saw a panel with Unohana and Zaraki a couple weeks ago and I was like, “what is going on!?” And I tried to scroll past quickly. It really got me thinking about starting up again, so I may have returned without the new guy’s help.

Same questions to you…

I was at a point similar to yours early last year. I had to slow myself down and just stick with my weekly reading and viewing. I didn’t want to end up where I was so into it that I would end up not enjoying it anymore. I was rereading my volumes and watching episodes over again. Watching the dubbed episodes every week now makes for my third time watching the series through as a whole. There are plenty of episodes I’ve seen more than three times. I managed to chill out and keep to my one chapter and one episode a week now (except when there are breaks).

I have yet to see Summer Wars, sadly. It’s on my list to watch (which I need to get started on). I’ve heard many good things about it. I remember seeing in the chapter of this arc that it would be the final one, I stared at it in shock for the longest time. I’m just so attached to it. Of course you have me! I’m always down for Bleach discussions.

I go through phases with the music. I listen to it non-stop for a period of time then move to something different so I don’t make myself not like it (I probably couldn’t if I tried though). Right now I’m off, but I’ll be back on it in a few weeks.

Yes, the anime has stopped. As far as I know, it isn’t cancelled, which is good news. I can’t imagine it not being finished either. This arc deserves to be animated! The fighting sequences need to be seen! And those emotional moments too. No more fillers, just animate this entire final arc. The anime needs a better send off than the Fullbring Arc.

I’m glad you have many favorites! So do I! I can’t pick just two or three.

Alright, so my favorites:

  • Ichigo- He’ll always be my favorite!
  • Renji- He has one of my favorite bankais even though he does, as you said, get his butt kicked often. I love that he became friends with Ichigo, too. Their dialogue cracks me up. They’re great.
  • Urahara- One of my favorites since his first appearance. Same reasons you mentioned.
  • Isshin- I’ve really enjoyed the background given to his character. Also his interactions with Ichigo are great.
  • Orihime- I don’t know why so many people dislike her. She is one of the strongest characters. Oh, her feelings for Ichigo, just… I root for her. The line she said to him before leaving for Hueco Mundo while he was asleep, it’s so incredibly sweet, I loved it. Out of every ship I have or have had, they’re my strongest one.
  • Kyoraku and Ukitake- These two, I can’t like one with out the other. Love them!
  • Kenpachi- He’s such a badass. I can’t wait to see him interact with his zanpakuto now!
  • Byakuya- Oh Byakuya. This current arc had me so depressed for weeks. You didn’t have to experience it. Right after Kubo left Byakuya for dead, he caught the flu, so Bleach was left on a cliffhanger of that size for a few weeks! I couldn’t accept that he’d go out like that. It was really pathetic considering his abilities. I mean come on, Renji survived Byakuya’s Bankai, but Byakuya couldn’t survive his own bankai?!
  • Shinji- He is cool. Pretty slick too. The Turn Back the Pendulum arc is one of my favorite arcs. It really made you feel for them.
  • Gin- I’m still upset about his death.

I’ve never been crazy about the filler arcs, but you mentioned the two characters that I really liked from them. Noba, really liked his character design and personality. Captain Amagai, one filler character that felt, to me, like he could actually be canon. Aizen… I could tell from the moment I first saw his character that he was going to make me mad. He looked too normal compared to the other Soul Reapers, like he could be from the world of the living. Good gracious did I love him in glasses, but it was hot the way he took ‘em off and brushed back his hair. I started to dislike him in the Turn Back the Pendulum arc though because of how cruel he was. He is an interesting character though. I look forward to how he’ll play a part in this arc. I also really like Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Rangiku.

This Final arc has sent me through so many emotions! The battles, I’ve been so excited, they’re so intense. The one between Unohana and Kenpachi was so great. But so many people are dying! One of the things I’ve grown to love about Bleach is that nobody dies in Bleach! These deaths… I think I liked that nobody died in Bleach because I’m so attached and it was nice to have that one series where my favorite characters haven’t died. Kubo is testing me though. And oh my goodness, these Quincies are ridiculous! They were made out to be kind of weak before this arc. Now they kick ass?! Crazy. I’m still not too thrilled about Ichigo being a Quincy too, but hopefully the idea will grow on me. What do you think about these Quincies and Ichigo having their abilities? Kubo has been giving the fans what they wanted this arc. Bankais, Isshin’s background, death… He needs to hold back on that last one though. I could talk about this all night! I’ve written so much already…and probably left out a lot.


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