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I liked the artwork at first, but now really love it. The more it evolved the more I loved it. You do have to stare at those battle scenes with explosions and a lot of quick movement sometimes to figure out what’s going on. I get really pumped up when I’m reading. Ahaha, he did kind of resemble Calvin a little bit.

I’ll confess something a bit weird here… Since I was never able to discuss Bleach with anyone before, I’d discuss it in my thoughts. Pretty much my side of it, like if I was having a conversation about it. It helped with getting ideas going too. It’s much nicer being able to discuss with another person though! I’m glad that I found you and that you’re into it as well.

Yes, that is where he pulled Kurotsuchi from. That would be interesting if Senju had locked up Kurotsuchi. Oh the possibilities!

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that Ukitake was a noble, not a high ranking one, but one. Maybe it was in one of the character books. So, I was just browsing through one of them and it has the Gotei 13’s captains listed on a chart with past and present. Isshin’s spot is blank with “Being Selected” written in it…

I wonder what Ichigo will think when he realizes he’s related to the Shibas. Especially Ganju, haha.

Ah yes, definitely need to keep the migraines away. I had that one for two days. It put behind with a lot. I don’t like taking anything for those either, so I dealt with it… No chocolate though.

I hope this arc lasts a good while. With the information needed it ought to. I’m probably going to cry when it ends.

I was very pleased that Kyouraku became the head captain. He is very laid back, but when it comes down to it he does what needs to be done. I liked how he told Central 46 he was doing what he was doing and didn’t ask.

I’m giving pretty short replies here, only because you’ve basically taken my thoughts and have written them into words. So I agree with you on what you’ve said thus far.

Am I the only one who that that the key was in their bones was really cool?! Cause it is. As far as I know, Aizen isn’t dead because he’s immortal. So they can’t kill him because of that I’m guessing.

Ah, I like how you brought up FMA. Love FMA! His Zanpakuto being a part of him, hmm…that would be different. Or I wonder if it’ll work like the sword Uryu used in Hueco Mundo?

It seems like it might be a while til the story goes back to Hueco Mundo. I would like to see Urahara fight more too. He probably has so many skills. There’s a bankai I really want to see!

I’m secretly hoping that Unohana isn’t really dead, but who knows…only Kubo. Zaraki is going to be even more beastly now, which is great! Really looking forward to his interactions with his zanpakuto, so hopefully we’ll get to see them!

Geez, I always feel like I’ve left something out…and end up remembering after posting. Maybe not this time.