Day 25: Your Favorite Drawing Style.

Kyuugou’s drawing style! Escape was the first of her works that I read and immediately after I had to find more because I fell in love with her artwork. In so few pages she brought out this intensity with such wonderful drawings. The way she draws this crinkle above the nose that can display so many emotions (disgust, anger, pain, sadness, etc.). There is something about her style that is so…honest. I would like to see where this title would have gone had it been longer than a oneshot. I have high hopes for what she could do with a domestic violence story. In some of her works there is a psychological aspect that she does such an amazing job portraying through her art. She has some lighter plot lines too, with some comedy. For example, Bokura ni Matsuwaru Etcetera, which is one of my favorites. Also, Miyamoto Kano has a very similar style, so much so I got them confused when trying to remember who another title belonged to (years ago).


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