Day 22: Hardcore or Softcore?

It really depends on my mood. Every now and again, all I want is to see some hot, steamy, uncensored, explicit, hardcore, consensual scenes.



Other days, I’m looking for more of a story line to follow. Not to say that hardcore never has a story and soft always does. It’s just when I want to read something hardcore, I’m not looking for a story, I want the explicitness (*-*). And when I want to read something soft I want more of a story and not one that has to rely on the explicit scenes. One manga in particular that pops into my mind that is soft and I enjoyed is Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete. It had a really nice slow, sweet story. There were only two ‘intimate’ moments, if I recall correctly. The second one only showed some leg, indication of fingers being inserted, a couple of facial expressions, a couple of huffs, “Please let me put in in”, a shudder, another facial expression, and that’s about it. But that’s all it needed it. Such a sweet story.


Usually if I’m reading a soft one, I end up wanting a little more than story, but not full on hardcore scenes. What really appeals to me the most is one in between the two. Not full on hardcore, but not soft either. A happy medium in the middle (n_n).


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