Day 18: A BL Manga That Has Great Art, But You Didn’t Like it.

I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but I want to answer honestly. One that has great art, but I don’t like is Katekyo!. I know, I know. I loved the art work and overall the manga had it’s moments that I liked. There is definitely mutual love, which is a major plus. However what makes me not like it is that Kaede has a personality that I really don’t like in a seme. He is really possessive and a big bully. He definitely loves Rintarou, and has this really cute moment when he tells Rintarou that he is his first love. I’ve read other BL titles with a possessive, bully of a seme, but Kaede is the reason I don’t like those kind of semes. Katekyo! was the first BL manga I read with his personality, so it led me to not like that type I guess. For those who love this manga, don’t hate me, we all have our own tastes. I certainly don’t mind if you love this title, I just don’t love it.


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