Day 16: A BL Manga You Started Out Enjoying, But Ended Up Not Liking as Much.  

Hitomi no Kokusenyoku. I really liked this manga at first because the artwork is gorgeous. Oh my goodness that collarbone, (*^*). I have a thing for lovely collarbones. And Ryo’s eyes are ridiculous! Now as to why I ended up not liking it as much, Ryo’s personality is the exact kind that I don’t like in a seme. He’s very possessive and a bully. No matter how wonderful his collarbone is and how great he looks in glasses (Have I mentioned I love glasses too? At least two other times in these memes.), when he’s that possessive, I don’t like it. Then there’s Shinpei. He is one of the more feminine ukes that I’m OK with, but he is extremely insecure and cries often. And that secondhand embarrassment I had to feel when he tried to mount Ryo, no, just no! Why couldn’t he have a somewhat dominant moment?! Seriously. The overall plot is lacking too.


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