“I—can manage that, at least, but I don’t wanna hear any complaints if I’m shit at it.”

He knelt in place and stretch a hand out to grip Kirishima’s cock—when Kirishima, uncharacteristically flustered, responded with, “Are—are you serious?”

“You really think I’d joke about something like this?”

“You don’t have to push yourself, seriously.”

“Pipe down if you don’t wanna get bitten.” He laved his tongue along the underside of Kirishima’s cock, licking a long stripe up the shaft to the tip.

“You’re seriously…?!” Kirishima’s murmurs of disbelief filtered down into Yokozawa’s ears, and truthfully, Yokozawa himself was having a hard time believing how rashly he was behaving tonight.

“If—if it’s too much for you, you can stop whenever you want, got it?”

“I told you to pipe down.”


Yokozawa made Kirishima flustered!! Seriously?! Yes, seriously!


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