Day 9: A BL Manga You Used to Love, But Don’t Anymore.


There really isn’t a BL manga that I once loved, and now don’t. If I really loved it that much in the first place, then I still do. So one that I used to ‘like’, but don’t anymore is Royal Fiance. It’s either the second or third BL I’ve read. I did like it when first reading it, because the artwork was so pretty and the story was cutesy. Now, since I’ve read many other works that are far better, I just don’t like it all that much. It has a really cliche story (yes, many other BL do too, but this has one of my least favorites). And the uke, Honami Kairi, is too feminine for my current tastes. I’ll always like the artwork, but overall this work just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.


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