himitsuhitori replied to your post:

#4-I would look at you sideways, but I used to do the same type of thing to make random decisions, but things had to add up to four. #5-Same. The only cake I like is cheesecake and Jewish apple cake. It’s mostly the icing that I can’t take.

It was only four at first that I would post on, but I finally eased myself into being able to post on other numbers. Eleven, which can be turned into two being is an interval of four worked. For seven, it’s because a lot of the time when I would go to post the number would be seven, so it grew on me. The only other two numbers I’ll post on are two and eight, but rarely. Gosh, I don’t even know what started me being stuck on the numbers and time, only that it started in middle school.

I actually didn’t know anyone else until now, that didn’t like birthday cake. I don’t feel so alone :’ ) It’s definitely the icing that sends me away, don’t like it at all, not even whipped cream icing on ice cream cake (I scrape it off). Got so many weird looks over the years, especially in grade school. Never had Jewish Apple cake before, the apple part sounds good.